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This may not be the right forum, but I will try - Latest Cloud update is messing with the fonts showing up in AI


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Hello - this may not be the right forum for this discussion, please direct me to a better one if so. Background: I updated Cloud this week and now when I open my documents in AI to update, some text is not showing up. The text shows up in the preview thumbnail, quick view and when opened in Acrobat. No fonts appear to be missing or needing to be updated/relinked. I was able to work in my files earlier this week and now I cannot. I have used an older version of AI to see if it was just the newer version and am having the same issues. I even opened up a file from 2017 that appears to look good in the thumbnail/quick look with the same issue. Narrowing this down to a possible cloud update issue. Any thoughts how to fix or even downgrade Cloud? Thank you so much!

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