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How to add Adobe Launch code to links, Ajax popups


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First of all Adobe Launch documentation is very bad. I am transitioning from Tealium to Adobe Launch and some of the details are not properly documented. When I search things in Google there are confusing terms DTM, Satellite and Launch. It is not very apparent which is the latest information.


I need to add pageName to Ajax pop-ups, and not sure how to do that. In one of the documents, it mentions to add below code, but I am not sure if this is a recent code.


I am looking for equivalent to Tealium utag.view


I am also not sure what "directtest" do here? 


 _satellite.track('directtest', {name: 'pageName', Description:'Testing Parameter'} );




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Hi Sibela,


Here directtest is the Identifier of the Direct Call event, whenever the script  _satellite.track('directtest', {name: 'pageName', Description:'Testing Parameter'} ); is firing it will trigger the rule(Rule created with identifier as directtest) created in DTM/Launch in that rule you can pass/access the name/Description key to set the pagename.







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Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with our documentation. Just so you're aware, Experience Platform Launch (Launch) is Adobe's current tag management solution.. In simple terms, Launch is an upgraded and redesigned version of Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) which was an acquisition of a product called Satellite. Hopefully this helps you understand why you might find references to satellite or DTM in the documentation.