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Google Global site tag implementation


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Hi all,

We are wondering how everyone is implementing the Google Global site tag in Adobe Launch.

We have tried to use the "Google Global site tag" extension from acronym, which is available in the extension list, without any succes (some of the problems we are having are double pageviews, pageviews not fired at all for Floodlight).

Wondering if any of you are having the same issues, of have you implemented this tag using custom code?

Would love to hear your experiences,


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following. This is something we are working to roll out this week. I will report back.


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One thought: Regarding the double page views - Are you launching gtag on a global page view and pushing tags through individual rules? When configuring, it seemed that the global tag as a separate rule is unnecessary and when running a rule it will initiate both the global site tag and the rule pixel.


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Hi Jewilliams,

Thanks for your reply.

Let me explain you how exactly we did set up the global site tag (and let's see if you're having the same problem).

By double pageviews, I would like to clarify that this is two different accounts to be fired on the same domain.

We have 2 websites with one launch container. Each website has its own google ads id. 

When creating an actual rule to fire a pageview, you can use a data-element (with output true or false) to define which Google Ad id should kick in.

For floodlight we were having the issue that we could see in our console that the rule is fired (so launch setup works fine), however in our debugging tool we see no outgoing calls to Floodlight.

For Google Ads everything seemed to work fine.


Keep us updated! We are interested in your experience when implementing.

This very basic feature does not work for us, and both accounts get fired on each domain.


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We launched our gtag implementation and it has worked without issue. What's different in our scenario is we are just sending to one Google Tag account for one domain.

I would recommend that instead of trying to do the conditional send after running the rule, to instead use two different Adobe tag rules: one that conditionally only runs the gtag extension for your domain that needs the first google tag account and the separate adobe tag rule that conditionally runs for the other domain that needs the second google account. We did not use any custom code in our gtag implementation and used the "out of box" options and conditions.