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Best Practice for bringing AA browse data into AEP - bring in all AA data?


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I'm trying to decide how to integrate Adobe Analytics with AEP in terms of which data to pass then store in AEP.


Would it be smart to bring in all web browse data from AA into AEP? What are the pros and cons of doing so?


I'm thinking it might make more sense to use the AA browse data to update AEP segments instead. Like if a customer's browse session included many web pages about product X, then I can take that into AEP as "customer interested in product X as of this time".


In this specific use case, it seems like this would keep AEP leaner if I could avoid bringing in all the specifics of a browse sessions when I only care about certain signals like that product interest I mentioned.


Does my train of thought make sense here? Any context around this integration and pros/cons of the ways to do it would be amazing.


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Makes sense, the obvious pros and cons of bringing in all Analytics data are follows, but I want to hear from others too.


  • Adobe already created an easy Data Connector with Analytics that streamlines bringing in the data (including solution variables which would be easy to slip through the cracks). It's a difficult exercise to send in historical AA data otherwise.
  • Many of the reporting capabilities in AA would be possible in CJA, but with added variable cardinality and ability to join other data sets.


  • Higher ingestion cost than sending a subset of AA data
  • Slower Query Services, backfill for CJA connections, and eventual Privacy Service requests (basically any service called on this data set will be negatively impacted by increased volume)
  • Learning curve for figuring out some of the undocumented variables in the AA data schema and how they relate to what is visible in AA
  • Increased complexity of data set structure that may be unnecessary or unused


If your use case is only answering more pointed questions based on AA data, and if you don't require historical AA data, it may be worth looking into setting up extra tracking directly from the product into AEP with the relevant data using either Platform Data Collection or the provided Data Ingestion API.