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Adobe Launch - Optin Service for Adobe Analytics


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we implemented (because of GDPR) the optin service so that Adobe Analytics tracking is only loaded when the user gives consent. 

But now we see a higher bounce rate (>15%) on our website. Do you know any reason why this happens and is this because of the optin service?




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Hi @sophieg10675163 

I don't think so is this happened because of opt in service. I implemented opt in service early this year for my client using Adobe Launch through Experience cloud ID service extension and categorised cookies in Functional, Advertising, and Performance where average opt out rate is just 5%. 


So basically I think you need to check other implementation as well. if you bit specific then I'll highlight more details on that.  Hope this helps. 






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@sophieg10675163 ,

I believe now AEP doesn't let the users who already opted out earlier, and they have changed their mind to opt in again, in this case we see an error message in the console, as platform doesn't supporting this feature. It could be a reason for the increase in the bounce rate.


Also, you might need to keep an eye on the number of event calls triggering on the page-load, analytics usually treats the case as engaged but we might be triggering multiple server calls based on business needs.