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Hello, I’m in process to conceptual structure in place for AEM multilingual. As part of this we do have mobility i.e. iOS and Android.

  1. All content to be authored in AEM
  2. So the assets in assets management in AEM
  3. The mobility application to source all content from AEM

Your option – what would be best design and protocol to be used for mobility to source content form AEM. The REST API is answer but looking specific details. What if content is restricted based so authentication and authorization should be taken in consideration. The mobility application performance is key, as well user may post comments or upload picture (UGC) from mobility application. You may have many questions but let restrict at conceptual based on this use case.

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Hi Anand,

I would say you have an answer with you. You want to render content from AEM in other applications. In your case, it is mobile application then one thing is sure that you can't serve whole page from AEM and you have to serve content fragments from AEM.

If you are going to use AEM 6.2 then nothing much to implement there is OOTB functionality for Content fragments. However, other than AEM 6.2, you need to implement components & templates in a way, you could get partial content.


AEM does provide based on REST principal where you can direct get node content. For instance


Above url would give your content authored in text node. 

I hope this would help you. Let me know if you need more details.