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Submitting a message to the AEM 5.6.1 Inbox (graceful workflow process step failure)


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We have implemented a custom workflow process step to perform an operation against an integration.  The particulars aren't important.

Currently, if an error occurs when we call the integration, we throw a workflow exception.  This causes the step to be retried (10 attempts), after which the workflow is halted and a the exception is sent to the AEM inbox (/inbox) as a FailureItem.
We wish to change this behaviour so that the process step is tried only once.  We wish to make it a graceful failure, submitting a message to the inbox (not an email, just the AEM inbox), but continuing on with the workflow.

We have tried a couple different approaches without luck:

  • Using InboxManager (cq-wcm-notification).  This seemed like the best approach, but the bundle doesn't export the necessary packages (as described at https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1156802).  In that three year old thread, Jorg suggests this may be a bug in 5.6.1, though I couldn't find a published hotfix to resolve it.  Is the recommendation still to open a DayCare ticket (or rewrap the bundle with a new manifest)?
  • Duplicating the code in HandlerBase/JobHandler (com.adobe.granite.workflow.core) which creates the inbox item after all retries have been exhausted.  Again, the bundle doesn't export some of the necessary packages for this.

Is there a simple way to achieve this?  Any way to achieve this?

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