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Promoting launch


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We created a launch page where we ticked the option "inherit source live data"  This made the launch page a live copy of the original source page.  This mean that we could break components inheritance on the launch page and edit.  However when we promoted the launch back to the source page, we were surprised to see that the page was still a live copy with inheritance buttons within the page.  This is our blueprint folder and we do not want these pages to be a live copy they are supposed to just be a new page that is a blueprint. any advice?  how do we promote the launch back to original and set it so that the chain buttons disspear altogether after promotion?

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In order to promote launch back to original, you should leverage Timeline -> Version UI. There you can select a version that is representing the original page and click on Revert to this Version:


When you promote a launch choose "Promote full launch" option:1531274_pastedImage_1.png

It should result in a page without any MSM inheritance. The same works in AEM


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Hi Berliant

What do you mean select a version that its representing the original page?  Do you mean roll back the page in production to a version where we had not created any previous launches on it and then promote the recent launch?   Will this help the msm inheritance issue?