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Hi All,

I've developed an Adaptive Form to capture details from User in different panels and i have included
additional Panel "Review" to display the details they have entered in all the panels in non editable
textfields and user can click on submit button in this Review panel.
I'm using the Adaptive Form Layout as "Tabs on top".
I have included all the fields in this Review Panel and when user clicks on "Review" tab at the top i
would like to get the data entered in other panels and assign them to the fields in Review Panel.

So now my question is how do i capture the event when Review panel is clicked from tabs at the top.
We have Panel Events "Initialize" and "Visibility" but they get fired only once when the form loads.

I don't want to write Rules for every field to copy the data to its respective field in Review Panel and instead want to write all this logic in a single function like when Review panel is clicked/visible.


As always thank you for your assistance.


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Thanks & Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



The easiest way to accomplish your use case is to build your form based on schema

Place the fields in the "Review tab". disable the "Review Tab" through its configuration properties.

If your form is not based on a schema , then make sure the fields in the "Review Tab"  and in the main tab have the same name