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How to Remove Copy Icon from Touch UI Card View?


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Does anyone know of a way to remove an icon from the Card View in the Touch UI (6.1, SP1)?

Specifically, I'd like to entirely remove the "Copy" icon/feature from all assets and pages in the Card View.  There seem to be many different places in different jsp files where the icon is embedded.  Just wondering if there an easier way to configure the buttons that appear in the Card View, rather than editing multiple jsp files.

Screenshot of the icon I want to remove is attached.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Why do you want to remove the ootb copy feature. I do not recommend removing code from the base product like this. It may have detrimental effects on AEM functionality. IN fact Adobe recommends not changing code under /libs. 




What is the use case that you are actually trying to achieve?

We can definitely do it by changing CSS of it, but as mentioned by Scott, it is not recommended.


Kautuk Sahni


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Our use case is as follows:

- We have a custom workflow that every page and asset must go through prior to being published.

- One step in this workflow assigns each piece of content a unique id that we use for FDA audit purposes. 

- We don't want our authors to be able to copy/paste content because this id will be copied with it and no longer be unique.  So, we'd like to hide or disable the Copy feature.

We've been using the classic UI for a few years, and have hidden the Copy button in it by using ACLs.  But, we'd like to start using the Touch UI.  I have found that the button can be hidden from most of the menus in the Touch UI using renderconditions as described here: https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/develop/extending/customizing-consoles-touch.html 

But, the "Card View" is a different story...


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OK - i have sent this to our internal Adobe mailing lists - i needed to know why before i sent. I will post back responses.