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how to pass headers while using guidelib.wsdlUtils.invokeWebService API or guidelib.wsdlUtils.invokeWebService API


Level 4

I have a couple of questions regarding invoking rest api's in AEM forms.

  1. I am trying to invoke a rest api within a form which is built using AEM forms. As per Adobe docs I have read about guidelib.wsdlUtils.invokeWebService API to invoke a form data model service. Within the rules editor when I select a formdata model service to be invoked it gives me an option to select the form fields/objects to be mapped with input and output. However I dont see any option to pass header information. I need to send some access/security tokens as part of the header. Below is the api function which I tried to use:
    guidelib.dataIntegrationUtils.executeOperation(operationInfo, inputs, outputs);
    I dont see any method arguments to pass the headers. Is there a way to pass header information to the execute operation function ?
  2. Also I see another guidelib api which can be used to call webservices i.e.guidelib.wsdlUtils.invokeWebService (wsdlPath, invokeData, successHandler, errorHandler, myData). But I dont see any way to pass headers even with this function. Is there any difference between these two guidelib api's ?
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