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How to fix "not enough rights to manage publications"


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in 6.5 author, if you click on a site, and hit "manage publication" then hit next, select site again, then next, you get "not enough rights to manage publications"


googling this, it says to add the user (admin) to the "workflow-users" group.

I tried adding the following groups to admin:









But this does not help.


I tried logging out and in again of course, but no luck.


any ideas?


I have now tried going through the alphabet, and have added every single group to admin user, but still cant publish. 

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Did you get a chance to check the user "admin" permissions in useradmin page

Replication is enabled or not?, for admin user should have full control. Is this in your local environment?

Do you see any errors in error log file?




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It took me a while to find this administrator page, but replication is checked for all of them yes.


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You should check the error log for which node the replication is failing, sometimes you might have replication access for the node you are replicating but some integrated resources on the page like assets on the page or designs like js/css used on the page

You need to check if your user group have access to all the underlying resources. Sometimes user admin console can be confusing ... Go to crx/de and select the node and then check permissions in the right side permissions tab of that node and the groups granted permissions on that node. If it doesn't have any permissions, check the node above.


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Hi, this is not yet a solution, please can you un-mark this as the accepted solution.


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Hi @brokenheadset , 


The user has the limited permission to publish. 


Please enable the create, modify and replicate permission.That should fix the issue. 


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Hi I have added the user to every group in the system, but still no joy. I looked at the permission system, and its a list of incompressible path names. I have no idea how to add the right permissions unfortunately.



Can you check error.log and replication.log for errors?