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Custom Font to use in AEM Forms Themes editor


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AEM Version: 6.5.14

I am trying to use custom font in AEM Forms.
The font is included in AEM clientlibs but won't apply to forms in pages.
I tried to apply font through the theme editor.
For this I followed the Answer of this Question and also followed this blog.
I checked the logs of the com.day.cq.dam.handler.gibson.fontmanager.impl.FontManagerServiceImpl class and found that my font is added to AEM as I can see its name in added fonts list but it didn't appear while selecting font-family in theme editor
Tried restarting but didn't work.
I also added my custom font name in the "Adaptive Form and Interactive Communication Web Channel Theme Configuration.name" service which made my custom font name appear in the theme editor but applying the theme results the style to be "New Times Roman".


More Details:

The custom font:



com.day.cq.dam.handler.gibson.fontmanager.impl.FontManagerServiceImpl log:
02.03.2023 19:49:34.003 *DEBUG* [FelixStartLevel] com.day.cq.dam.handler.gibson.fontmanager.impl.FontManagerServiceImpl List of fonts of type Adobe Server added to font set:
-- Adobe Arabic
-- Adobe Fan Heiti Std B
-- Adobe Gothic Std B
-- Adobe Hebrew
-- Adobe Heiti Std
-- Adobe Myungjo Std M
-- Adobe Pi Std
-- Adobe Thai
-- Adobe ?? Std
-- Adobe ?? Std
-- Always Smile


Adaptive Form and Interactive Communication Web Channel Theme Configuration.name 



Theme Editor: the style is added but appears to be Times new roman.



How the font is suppose to look:




Also noted a weird behavior:

if I add font family: always Smile; in advanced tab the the style becomes Times New Roman but I add any string like font-family: test font;" then the style changes to Arial which is the default style. 


Am I missing something?


Let me know if any other details are need.


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Employee Advisor


I don't see any reason why the fonts won't be picked once you have added the same to "CQ-DAM-Handler-Gibson Font Manager Service". Did you make sure the font is accessible and user rights are adequate? Try changing the location on the font and updating the Gibson config.

I assume,  "Adaptive Form and Interactive Communication Web Channel Theme Configuration.name" service configs were correct but seems the fonts were inaccessible thus you got the default font instead in the form.


Level 4

Tried the whole process in a vanilla instance of 6.5.14.
Still unable to get it



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I have added more details and tried write every step I performed can you take a look. @Pulkit_Jain_ 


Employee Advisor

@Vinit_Pillai if the font is on the server just mention it in the advanced option it should pick it while rendering.





Level 4

Tried this still not working.
AEM doesn't recognize my custom font.
Even though I can clearly see in the logs it has identified my custom font