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AEM Replication Queue Blocked on One Publisher


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The replication queue is blocked on one of the publishers and I see the below message in the logs:

error: com.day.cq.replication.ReplicationException: Repository error during node import: java.io.IOException: Read-only file system

Message sent.

But the test connection is successful. This publisher is up and running and all the bundles are active.

Can you please let me know how to fix this issue.

We are using admin credentials in the replication agent.


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- Try to clear one or two items from the queue.

- Check permissions for "replication-service" and "replication-receiver" on both author and publisher and compare it with a working setup.

- Try to restart "com.day.cq.cq-replication" bundle

- Setup a DEBUG logger on com.day.cq.replication and it will provide more details on what process is triggering that error.


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Thanks. I've tried these options.

- Permissions looks fine

- Restarted the bundle

- Deleted one of the item from the queue

- Setup a debug log already

I still see the same errors in the debug log. It is throwing the 400.

Our disk went to read only mode for some reason. We just changed it and everything is working.


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This error message should be quite descriptive: java.io.IOException: Read-only file system

Regarding the "Test connection": Test connection does just what it says: It tests the connection. It doesn't do actual imports or writes to the repository, so it's very obvious that you don't get any errors in that case.