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Hi All,

I have a question regarding AEM licence. Currently our application is running on AEM6.4. Now we are planing to start one more application. Like our current application is for end users and our new will be internal only for Company employees.

And there is  different team will going to develop and handle new application, now we have two teams for two applications but both are inside same Organization.

If we are going to deploy new application on same instance , it will be difficult to manage because there two different teams will going to work.

Now my question is: Can we create one more AEM Production instance and deploy new application on it with same license key, in this case we can run two application on two different instance independently or do we need to buy one more licence.

Please suggest.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




AEM License is based on the number of instances. Please discuss this with the Adobe CSM/TAM before starting up the new instance.

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