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merging two repo issue for multi tenant site


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Hi All,


Please could you help me with this error i am getting while merging two repo and keeping dispatcher module common. individual repos have no build issue but while merging it shows errors.


Project 'com.adobe.cq.cloud:com.adobe.cq.cloud.testing.ui.cypress.tests:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT' is duplicated in the reactor @
[ERROR] Project 'com.adobe.cq.cloud:com.adobe.cq.cloud.testing.ui.cypress.tests:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT' is duplicated in the reactor.


Above is the error i am getting while building the parent project which has two sites as module and included in parent pom.

@arunpatidar ,kindly help.





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Hi @MaheshSa2 

This happens when you introduce or declare the same module more than once in you POM, [Any POM files including sub modules]
 Check you POM files, including child POM or check Project Directories make sure no duplicate at filsystem level/

You can refer: Troubleshooting Dispatcher Problems | Adobe Experience Manager

and Merging AEM Projects using Github Desktop | Adobe Experience Manager for more information