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AEM ACL and how they are evaluated by Aemrules


ACL's and how they are evaluated ?

AEM Developers, Infrastructure Engineers / Dev-ops teams working in any domain regularly come across a challenge for understanding the ACL & its evaluation mechanism.

Adobe Experience Manager is designed to cater for content authoring of multiple sites by multiple content authors. Naturally, this process needs to be controlled by strict Access Control Lists (ACLs) to manage.
AEM WCM uses Access Control Lists (ACLs

This article addresses in a simple way on how to understand the ACL's , its different ways,
This article covers the following -
How can we read and understand the ACL.
Evaluation of user permissions.
Concurrent Permission on ACL
Access Control Lists are made up of the individual permissions and are used to determine the order in which these permissions are actually applied. The list is formed according to the hierarchy of the pages under consideration.
How can we read and understand the ACL -
In AEM Permissions define who is allowed to perform which actions on a resource. The permissions are the result of access control evaluations.
You can change the permissions granted/denied to a given user by selecting or clearing the checkboxes for the individual AEM actions. A check mark indicates that an action is allowed. No checkmark indicates that an action is denied.
Where the checkmark is located in the grid also indicates what permissions users have in what locations within AEM (that is, which paths).
To Read and see the ACL's you have useradmin console , This is a nice UI default provided by AEM to show and check all the permission. - http://host:port/useradmin

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AEM ACL and how they are evaluated


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