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Adaptive Image component broken in AEM 6.2 Touch UI


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We moved from AEM 6.0 to AEM 6.2 recently and also started switching from classic to touchUI.

One of the issues we are facing is Out of the box Adaptive image is broken in Touch-UI [it works fine in classic UI]. 

In classic UI, it has 2 tabs - one for image and other for Advanced [title, text, desc, link]

In touchUI, It shows 3 tabs with both image/description in first tabs, repeated description in 2nd tab and 3rd is blank.

Wondering if anyone faced similar issue? Appreciate solution or any pointers to out of the box Adaptive Image.

I used dialog conversion tool to convert dialog to cq:dialog. 

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Level 9


We are facing similar issue, have u found the solution for this?



Level 2

We found the solution for this issue, instead of adaptiveimage use wcm/foundation/components/image as superResourceType. Structure the nodes as per wcm foundation components image. It should work.