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AEM best practices and development guide by kiransg


Get the list of broken asset references to unpublish and remove them repo to improve the system stability and performance.

How do assets get published?

The author uploads the images and publishes the assets
Create a launcher and workflow which process assets metadata and publish the pages
Whenever we publish any pages and if the page has references to assets, then during publishing, it asks to replicate the references as well.
What happens when the page is unpublished?

When the page is deactivated, assets referenced to the page will not be deactivated because this asset might have reference to the other pages hence out of the box assets won’t be deactivated.

If we perform cleanup, deactivate and delete old pages, we might not be cleaning up assets related to this page.
Advantages of cleaning up old assets?

Drastically reduces repository size
Improves DAM Asset search
Improves indexing

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AEM best practices and development guide


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