Upload PDF files to AEMM with options



When I upload a PDF to AEMM, how can I set the options that are available from the Acrobat plugin and the website? I want to set "Enable horizontal swiping within PDF" and "Fit one full page to screen" for the PDF. I can upload a PDF file to AEMM using the API the same way that article files are uploaded if I set the content-type to 'application/pdf' instead of 'application/zip'. The sample code is still from May so there is no documentation on how to use the PDF upload.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




As I mentioned, the sample code will be updated soon. Here's the info I received:

·         To set the “Fit one full page to screen” option

o    This is done on the article metadata, the field is fitToScreen


                “entityName”: “helloworld”,

                “entityTitle”: “Hello World”,

                “entityType”: “article”,

                “fitToScreen”: true,



·         To set the “Enable horizontal swiping within PDF”

o    This is done when uploading PDF to the ingestion service, set the URL parameter hoirzontalSwipe


o    By default, the horitzontalSwipe is set to false (i.e. if the URL parameter is not set)

o    If the horitzontalSwipe is set to true but fitToScreen is set to false, then the ingestion service will throw an error