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Suggestions for DPS 2015


Level 5

Some more ideas based on what I've been doing this morning...

• When working with migrated back issues, the ability to be able to move batches of collections into an order within a 'Library or Back issue' collection. One by one is not good...

• To be able to house collections and articles inside folders from a production perspective - not how they are displayed in the app

• To be able to 'mark' articles / collections and then choose from a drop-down list - edit, add to, move, re-publish, change content/image and so on. This would speed up production workflow.

• The filter needs some improvements for searching for file names, articles - currently hitting a wall with the article list.

• When viewing the list of Collections, it would be great to be able to edit/open/modify individual or multiple Articles from within collections. This would cut out the need for the filter in 'articles' or scrolling through thousands of articles.

• To be able to change the article position in a collection by changing the position number, not dragging it - as per Folio Producer in DPS Classic - current experience is dragging single articles

• To have a search option at the top of the article list next to the add article icon - simple fix and it would make a huge difference

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.59.50.png

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Level 3

Good points David.  I would add to that list a couple of things...

1. When migrating content, bring over existing metadata from Folio Producer Console such as Folio Number, Publication Date, Article Kicker.  Having so many 'loose' items in content makes it unwieldy when you have lots of content to migrate.

2.Ability to search by previous metadata from Folio Producer

3. Ability to determine what columns show in the content and the ability to sort by clicking on the header rather than doing a search

I shared these with some of the DPS team when I talked to them at MAX.  Having the system build a collection is great, however, if you want to re-purpose migrated content it can be very difficult to find, like a needle in a haystack.

Thanks!  Grant


Level 5

I would like to add that when searching, results should appear even if it's a partial hit.

For example, I should be able to find all collections that have "2015" such as "January 2015", "February 2015", and so on. Right now it seems like it will only show exact matches. If I search for "January 2015" that collection displays but if I search for "2015" the search finds no results.


Level 5

100% agree - I think that will come though when the 'Search' functionality appears for the app...



Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'll pass this on to John who owns the portal pieces you're talking about.