AEM Phone Gap Hybrid Mobile APP content Sync flow and server URL for content sync



Hi All,

We have developed the mobile app using the AEM + Phone Gap and angular by following the structure of  AEM phone gap starterkit as mentioned in Adobe Docs , we are actually stuck with content sync part.

Now we stuck with issue of connecting to the server and testing of content sync when end user clicks on "Update" button on APP. When we checked the content sync code it should be able to connect to publish server and download the latest zip and update the APP.


As we see in above screen we should be giving the publish server URL in above filed , as publish server will not be reached from end user mobile what is the steps to followed to test this content sync part , either we should be giving the publish server URL  or web server URL  for content sync purpose.

Can some body shed light on this AEM Phone Gap hybrid mobile app content sync part.





Hi Venkata,

The issue has been resolved, we are able to give the dispatcher url's which is able to redirect to publish instances.