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Is there a correct hierarchy to creating a browse page etc...


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Hello again...

Could you please explain the dynamic between setting an importance of (high/low/normal) how does this exactly work?

I can't seem to get my browse page to look the way I want it to, different layouts for some reason keep interfering with other other cards etc.  I have double-checked everything I can to make sure that certain cards are connected to certain layouts etc.

is there any more information that can be read/viewed besides the tutorial videos from Colin?

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The order of elements in a browse page is solely determined by the order of those elements in the collection. The importance (high/low/medium) is only useful as a piece of metadata to determine which card design to apply. It doesn't affect ordering.

If you post a screenshot of what you're getting and a screenshot/mockup of what you want to achieve, perhaps someone can provide some tips.



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Importance is just another piece of metadata. Similar to department, keywords, or content type; these metadata can be used in a card mapping rule -- if a piece of content (article, banner, or collection) matches the metadata filter for a card mapping rule, then the designated card portrays the content in the browse page.

Importance is one of the metadata types used in card mapping.

As Neil indicates, share an image or describe your intended layout and we might be able to help more.

And let's make sure you're using a custom preflight app (we used to call these Preview apps until last Friday) -- and you're clicking the Preflight button. If you're not using the preflight workflow, you may face 3-5 minute waits after clicking Publish before the new content is available in your app. This might be adding a layer of confusion to your process.