Hyperlinks to PDFs in Android in-app browser



I have InDesign and HTML articles that contain a link to a PDF on a web server. When the link is tapped on an iOS device or the Web viewer, the PDF displays fine. But on Android devices the in-app browser is launched, but nothing displays. Setting the link to open in the device browser works fine on both iOS and Android. Is this a limitation of the Android in-app browser? Is there a workaround? I'd rather not use the device browser.

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Kirk, based on the info you provided, I did some more testing. It turns out that links to public PDFs on a Web server from an HTML article do work fine in an Android app, and if Acrobat Reader or other PDF renderer is installed on the Device, the reader is launched and the PDF is displayed. But, this doesn't work if the URL for the PDF is an HTTPS url. And, to further complicate matters, some of the non-secure HTTP URLs for some of our PDFs automatically redirect to HTTPS, which also keeps the PDFs from displaying on Android. Both of these situations are handled properly in the iOS in-app browser.