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Create a banner without content in AEM Mobile' in 'layout templates'?


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I have a question about AEM mobile. I'm busy with creating two apps. One in Dutch, One in French. The content is the same, except the language.
In the the two apps I will display a banner in the home screen with the message that users can download the app in Dutch/french.
How can I create this banner in the 'layout templates'? And how can I link an image to this banner? There must be no collection or article linked to this banner.
And is it possible to create a link to the App Store to the app in the right language?

Thanks in advance.


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 13.33.44.png

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Hi Pieter-Jan,

you first need to create the banner in te Content tab of the dashboard (that's also where you will add the image asset you require) and then you will use layout templates to create a new card and map based on type and keywords for instance.

For linking to a specific App, simply use the iTunes URL (example: Top Gear Magazine – latest car news, views and reviews on the App Store), on a phone or tablet it will automatically have the option to 'Install'


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Hi Christophe

My apologies for the late replay.

With your answer, my question is answered.

Thank you so much!