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Feature request/improvement: Transition effects between entities


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Hello. One for Andrei / Kristy, perhaps.

I've been working with DPS 2015 since July - and as an avid user of Spotify, You Tube and Facebook, I see their transitions between sections and elements as perfect.

Is there any way you could look at the fade in/transitions from article to collection and vice versa. Its jumpy and - especially if your card design is dark, the animation goes white to reveal something dark again.

I've noticed that when users tap the menu and use the list - the transitions are sliders - which work much better and it feels less 'beta' / jumpy.

When you tap on something in the main browse, it 'opens' up centrally, instead of the slide, which I think is better. Can the fade animation of the card exploding out use the colours within the card design instead of white? Its an uncomfortable experience on the eye to go from dark, to light, to dark.

Please look at Spotify and perhaps YouTube and you'll see how smooth the experience is. Perhaps a vertical or horizontal slide for selected entities would perform better across devices, especially with the colour 'flash' between cards, browse pages and articles. Obviously a clear rule between menu, browse, cards and articles needs putting in place - but the experience could be so much better on the eye.


cheers all.


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Thanks David. We have been working on some changes to use the initial card image as part of the transition and reduce/soften the white flash, plus generally tried to soften the transition and loading experience. This hasn't completely eliminated white (it is still used in the loading experience and is the default background for HTML views) but it's smoothed things out. I'm hopeful we give that to you very soon.

There's a lot of discussion between me and the experience design team right now about different navigation experiences across apps. I don't have a lot of concrete information on how we might evolve this, but it's an area I am spending quite a bit of time looking into to not only look at animations, but also how information is presented to the users and how they navigate between content and states.