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Combining PDF Attachments with DDX, then send separately with Document of Record in AEM OSGi Workflow


Level 4

I have a dynamic number of pdf attachments as input from an adaptive form, and would like to merge all attached pdfs into a single pdf using DDX, then have it send separately with the Document of Record with the Send Email step. However I encountered an issue with the Send Email step with the following: 


Caused by: com.adobe.granite.workflow.WorkflowException: GetPropertyValue failed as value corresponding to VARIABLE:attachments for type class java.lang.Object is NULL



The DDX is as follows:


<DDX xmlns=""> 
    <PDF result="Attachments.pdf"> 
         <PDF source="fileAttachment"/> 



Input map for invoke ddx:

The "attachment" path matches the output attachment folder of the adaptive form


Output map:

The output document is saved into the "attachments" document variable


Send Email step with Document of Record and attachments document:



 I am unsure why the value for attachments is NULL. Any help on this is appreciated, thank you!


EDIT - testing workflowuser's process:

The following is the dynamic table with file attachments. The ordering is PDFs 1,2,3,4, but the resultant PDF from the process gives ordering 2,3,4,1. 



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Level 9

please log a support ticket with Adobe if you are having problems with 20 or more attachments in the form

View solution in original post

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here is the updated bundle

I also removed the system.out.println  statements and moved them to log.debug. If you want to see the logs you can enable debug logs for this bundle


Level 4
Hi workflowuser, I think i may have found a bug. When you use an xml schema as the adaptive form model, the repeating panel method to add attachments generates an empty ddx file. Using a single file attachment button still works however.


can you paste the Data.xml contents from your workflow payload path after the form is submitted.


Level 4
Sorry, how do you access the Data.xml after form submission? Is it through the CRX?


Level 4
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <afData> <afUnboundData> <data/> </afUnboundData> <afBoundData> <formData xmlns:xfa="" xmlns:xsi=""> <processingInfo> <contractor/> <contractorEmail/> <contractAgency/> <contractAgencyEmail/> </processingInfo> <stdAgreementDetails> <scoID/> <agreementNumber/> <purchaseAuthNumber/> <startDate/> <endDate/> <maxAmount/> <exemption/> </stdAgreementDetails> <contractorInfo> <contractorName/> <printedName/> <contractorTitle/> <contractorBusinessAddr/> <city/> <state/> <zip/> </contractorInfo> <contractAgencyInfo> <contractAgencyName/> <printedName2/> <agencyNameTitle/> <contractAgencyAddress/> <contractCity/> <contractState/> <contractZip/> </contractAgencyInfo> <exhibitsTable> <Row1> <ExhibitA/> <TitleA/> <PageA/> </Row1> <Row2> <ExhibitB/> <TitleB/> <PageB/> </Row2> <Row3> <ExhibitC/> <TitleC/> <PageC/> </Row3> <Row4> <ExhibitD/> <TitleD/> <PageD/> </Row4> </exhibitsTable> </formData> </afBoundData> <afSubmissionInfo> <computedMetaInfo/> <stateOverrides/> <signers/> <afPath>/content/dam/formsanddocuments/assembleattachmentsoriginalwithschema</afPath> <afSubmissionTime>20200922121748</afSubmissionTime> </afSubmissionInfo> </afData>


Level 4

and fyi, the attachments are all in the attachments folder in the payload


in the Data.xml, I do not see any fileattachment nodes. where are the attachments?


Level 4
Hi workflowuser, is there a cap on the number of attachments? I am testing the bank statements repeating panel. When i attach 20 attachments, the ddx is no longer generated.



in your crx go to 

/var/fd/dashboard/payload/server0/<latest Date>/<mostrecentfolder>/



Level 4
Thanks, i found the payload path. How do I retrieve the Data.xml contents?



your Data.xml should look something like this. It should have fileAttachment elements in it

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<data xmlns:xfa=""/>


Level 4
Hi Giresh, i was able to resolve the repeating panel issue by adding a subform in the xdp and rewriting the schema. Thank you


Level 4
It still does not work when there are 20 or more attachments.


Level 9

Did you enable the log for the bundle?

check the logs it should give you more information 

Are these attachments all pdf files?


Level 4

Here is a portion of the Data.xml after form submission:




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <formData xmlns:xfa="" xmlns:xsi="">



All 20 attachments appear in the Data.xml, but the pdf is not assembled. The same problem happens with the repeating bankstatement panels in the bundle



Level 9
You will need to change the parameter in the workflow step to reflect your attachment element