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Can I call JS from an event handler and access guideRootPanel?


Level 3

I want to debug more in JS. I created a searchClicked(guideRootPanel) function inside helper.js. It gets into it fine.


I want to access visibility:  guideRootPanel.matchPanel.useThisRadioButton.visible = false;


Is this advisable? I tried it earlier today and it deleted the radio button from the JCR while I was debugging.

(Unless I'm losing my mind)


Just checking. I don't need AEM forms pain.


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Employee Advisor

@JoelLucuik I don't get the idea behind ingesting script inside panel for debugging. You can simply use browser debugger and add a breakpoint for that unless there is some very specific use case you are trying to debug. 


Level 3

When I add an event hander to a form, the JS is connected to the form. Variables are available that are not (easily) outside. Not aware of away to set a breakpoint from Chrome. The source is not available AFAIK unless it's in an outside script.
If you have an example of how to debug an init script, please share a link