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Adaptive Template-Type not showing for some projects


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AEM 6.5.4.


When we want to create new templates, the system needs you to select a template-type. We notice that for some folders in /conf/<folder> the template types showing up include the templates for adaptive forms that are taken from "/libs/settings/wcm/template-types". On the other hand for other projects these do not show as available template types. 


One observation is that folder that do not show the adaptive templates were all created through maven archetype 23 project, while if we use the AEM menu Configuration and create a new folder for templates then the adaptive templates do show up. 


Is this an issue with the way the maven project is created or is this just co-incidental?


But more important:

Where is the configuration setting to allow or disallow the use the template-types from "/libs/settings/wcm/template-types".

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We did an additional test.


In CRX/DE we copied one of the template types from "/libs/settings/wcm/template-types" to "/conf/<folder>/settings/wcm/template-types". Now this template is appearing a a available template.


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@Eric_Stricker  By default, the template editor will put the templates in conf only. I have seen developers keeping templates at other locations as well like apps or even etc. If your template is correct you can still keep them in any location and update the template property for the form in crx/de.


Or copying it in conf as you did is also fine.


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@Mayank_Gandhi, We are looking here at template-type, not the actual template. We are just trying to understand where the configuration setting to allow or disallow the use the template-types from "/libs/settings/wcm/template-types". 

We do understand we can copy the template-type from libs to conf folder as a workaround so we can use the adaptive template-type in our project, but why is it that conf template folder created through TouchUI do show the template-type from libs, while those created through maven archetype do not show the template-type from libs.


Besides doing some projects for clients we do try to better understand the workings of the AEM system. So the workaround is good to move forward, but the question here is really to better understand the working of AEM and to see if we do something wrong when deploying our archtype from maven.