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Adobe Experience Manager Community Lens 4th Edition, January 2023






Welcome to the 4th edition of the Adobe Experience Manager Community Lens! 

Adobe Experience Manager Community Lens is like your community bulletin board highlighting the latest updates from the Adobe Experience Manager Community in one place.  
In this edition, we are sharing updates from November & December 2022, including, the most viewed Adobe Experience Manager content on Experience League, as well as the latest product releases, upcoming and past learning opportunities, and a lot more!  


Adobe Experience Manager Community Lens 

kautuk_sahni_1-1659506101124.pngLATEST RELEASESkautuk_sahni_1-1659506101124.png

Learn about all the new capabilities, upgrades, improvements, and fixes that were included in the latest release of Adobe Experience Manager 

kautuk_sahni_3-1659506101125.pngUpcoming EVENT's kautuk_sahni_3-1659506101125.png

  • Adobe Summit 2023Mar 19–23, 2023  
  • [AEM Gems Webinar | Wednesday, January 18, 2023] AEM Best Practices Analyzer for on-premise & AMS environments | Register here!
  • AEM Sites Headless Trials, we will be launching an immersive, 30-day trial of Adobe Experience Manager Sites headless CMS. If you are interested, please fill out this form here and we will reach out to you.

kautuk_sahni_3-1659506101125.pngEVENT's RECORDINGskautuk_sahni_3-1659506101125.png  

Recordings and Presentation for the events are as follow:  

  • Developer Live - AEM Headless Conference: Here 

kautuk_sahni_5-1659506101126.pngAWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTSkautuk_sahni_5-1659506101126.png 

Congratulate and meet our achievers from the Adobe Experience Manager Community 

kautuk_sahni_7-1659506101127.pngTOP-VIEWED EXPERIENCE LEAGUE CONTENTkautuk_sahni_7-1659506101127.png  

Check out where your peers are spending most of their time learning in the Community and follow the conversations that pique your interest: 


Most Viewed Blogs in November & December 22 

1 Is Adobe AEM a valid Content Services Platform? [Part one] by Yuri Simione
2 Is Adobe AEM a valid Content Services Platform? [Part two] by Yuri Simione
3 How to search and get list of all pages of a given template in AEM? | AEM ...
4 [New] Welcome to AEM Community! Please Introduce Yourself
5 Getting Started with Apache Sling Repo Init | AEM Community Blog Seeding
6 [AEM GEMs | Webinar] Customer Use Case & Implementation of AEM Headless in...
7 Extending Page Properties in AEM
8 Getting started with Helix -AEM Developer Tutorial | AEM Community Blog Se...


Most Viewed Community Q&A in November & December 22 

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4 AEM6.5 jar download
5 Need help in resolving and understanding com.adobe.granite.csrf.impl.CSRFFi...
6 IntelliJ IDEA: Breakpoint not being hit, and is shown without the tick, jus...
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Most Viewed Community Discussions in November & December 22 

1 Adobe Developers Live - AEM Headless, 2022 | Complete Session list
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3 org.apache.sling.api.SlingException: Cannot get DefaultSlingScript: Identif...
4 using data-sly-element and data-sly-unwrap creates malfromed html
5 Fetch Page properties in Sling Model
6 How to create XML Sitemap and Robots in AEM?
7 AD0-E104 Adobe Experience Man


Most Viewed Community Ideas in October & November 22 

1 Recover deleted files
2 Ability in AEM dialog to add a property that will create a child node with ...
3 Add textarea type of field to AEM Assets metadata schema editor for descrip...
4 DataDog integration for report monitoring tools
5 Implement "Anti Virus" (Anti Maleware) scans in AEM Cloud Service (AEMaaCS)...
6 Lower the risk of having an unresponsive server by restricting the page rea...
7 Have allowed models while creating CF wizard
8 Enable URL Shortening for links in OOTB Services/Servlet and Sling Exporter...
9 Link Reference Update inside experience fragment when creating a live copy ...
10 Card view in AEM Assets should be displayed as a grid


“One learns from books and examples only that certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things.
— Frank Herbert


We encourage and value all your feedback! Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions for how we might improve this Adobe Experience Manager Community Lens update and if there is any other information that you would like to see included here: Experience League Community Lens Feedback 


Meet your Product Manager, AEM Community 


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