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[AEM GEMs | Webinar] Customer Use Case & Implementation of AEM Headless in Use





Recording for this session would be made available in this thread

Session PPT:

Session Details

At this unique AEM GEMs event, two of our customers will provide a technical deep dive session on the use of AEM as Headless:

Part 1: AEM as a headless CMS Where/When/Why? By Vengadesh Shanmugavelu -Technical Architect, Qatar Airways

There are many ways by which we can implement headless CMS via AEM. In this session, we would cover the following: 

  1. Content services via exporter/servlets
  2. Content fragment via asset API (demo)
  3. Content fragment via graphql (demo)
  4. Some real-time use cases around using content fragments and their approaches
  5. SPA Editor learnings (Some solution approach on when to choose) (demo)

Part 2: Deliver headless content through GraphQL API and Content Fragments. By Debal Das -Senior System Analyst, IBM

In this session, we would cover how GraphQL consumption of content fragments (besides the already existing simpler JSON APIs).

Conceptually, GraphQL is similar to a SQL database query, with the exception that an API is utilized for the query rather than a database.

This eliminates the requirement for the API to provide many endpoints delivering various volumes or groups of data for various customers and enables various clients to query the API for their own needs.

Housekeeping details:

  1. Duration: 60 minutes including 10 minutes of Q&A
  2. Audience: Customers, Partners, and Adobe Employees
  3. Recording & Slides will be made available to the public after the session
  4. The session is free of charge, registration will be required

Session Recording

Session Q&As

Question Answer
on 6.5.12, i installed index and graphiql-0.0.6 but i did not see any gql explorer |is there any other pakage i need to install graphiql-0.0.6 package is enough..make sure to allow content/cq-graphl in OSGI config
It seems, you are persisting the data under /conf itself | What about saving the under /content/dam by using content fragment model 1. Content Fragments are available under /content/dam 2. Queries were stored under /conf
Does graphql supports persistence operation (like delete & update) operations on content fragments We can make delete and update request to delete and update the existing persisted query.
Will GraphQL work on 6.5 or we need AEM cloud? Yes..from 6.5.10 onwards