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Top KCS Articles for June 2024, Curated For Your AEM Troubleshooting Pleasure!




Dear AEM Community,


Your time is precious, and we understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to troubleshooting issues with AEM. That's why we're excited to again bring you our carefully curated collection of Top KCS (Knowledge-Base) Articles for June 2024, designed to help you resolve common challenges swiftly and effectively.


Our Top KCS Articles are your shortcut to:


  • Quickly identifying and resolving recurring issues.
  • Accessing expert insights and best practices for AEM.
  • Streamlining your troubleshooting process for maximum productivity.
  • Empowering yourself with the knowledge to tackle any AEM-related problem head-on.


Why spend hours searching for solutions when our Top KCS Articles have already done the heavy lifting for you?

Let us help you save time so you can focus on what truly matters – empowering you to provide a truly personalized experience to your customers with AEM.


Start supercharging your problem-solving skills today by exploring our Top KCS Articles!


Take a look:



  1. Image oversizing with Smart Imaging on Dynamic Media  – Learn how to resolve the issue when using Smart Imaging on Dynamic Media in AEM, image size can sometimes be larger than expected.
  2. Target mode doesn’t appear on Sites  – Learn how to resolve the AEMaaCS issue where the Targeting Mode doesn’t appear in Sites. 
  3. Learn about changing the Server and JVM timezone to Europe/Paris in AEM as a Cloud Service  – Learn about how to approach changing the timezone of the server or of the JVM in AEMaaCS.
  4. Request for Deletion workflow triggered on content deletion  – Learn about when a user logs in and deletes a page or asset in AEM, the “Request for Deletion” workflow is triggered.
  5. Adobe Experience Manager: The node with sling:resourceType=wcm/msm/components/ghost  – Explore the process of restoring deleted components in live copies and managing inheritance effectively.
  6. Adobe Experience Manager: Link Adjustment in Launch Pages  – Learn how to resolve the issue when the cross-links placed within launch pages aren’t rewritten to the paths under /content/launches.
  7. SegmentNotFoundException in AEM logs and instance aren’t working  – Learn how to solve the SegmentNotFoundException issue in the AEM logs and instance.
  8. Dynamic media assets aren't published with the correct “scene7FileStatus” metadata attribute  – Learn how to resolve the issue when dynamic media assets aren’t published with the correct scene7FileStatus metadata attribute.
  9. Unexpected image missing or broken links after asset move and publish in Experience Manager  – When you publish assets before the move operation fully completes, it may result in images going missing or links breaking on the published pages. This article explains the mechanisms behind such occurrences and the potential consequences they entail.
  10. Adobe Experience Manager: The content path called from SDI has changed since AEM 6.5.13  – Learn about the change in the content path called from SDI since AEM 6.5.13.


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