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Hiding dam folders in aem based on group


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Hi Guys, can anyone please help me out in hiding few folders based on groups

There are around 30 groups, i want to show few set folders only to people belonging to group called "brandassets-admin" and hide those specific folders to all other groups

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Hi, Preetam

Suppose if you have a dam-parent group which is applicable to all folders inside DAM, then create a new group called "brandassets-admin" and add your dam-parent group to your new group. Now your new group have all the permissions as your dam-parent group.

Now, go to your dam-parent group and deny permission to the folders which you want to show to only "brandassets-admin". Then go to "brandassets-admin" group and go to permissions tab and allow those specific folders which you want to show to only the new group.

Please let me know if it works.




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vjetty  Hi vamsi, actually my requirement is i want to show few folders only to "brandassets-admin" group and hide it from all other groups.

so that users belonging to"brandassets-admin" only can see those folders. All other users must not able able to view those folders.


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Hi Preetham

    I tried to demo it here User_Permission_setting . See if this helps you


content-authors group is the parent group with access to all content and I have added the brandassets-admin to the same. Lets say I dont want to show We.Retail DAM to this user. I go to the permissions and remove that particular content access .

Similar way you can set permissions for the other groups


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Hi Veena, that was very helpful in understanding...Thanks