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com.day.cq.dam.scene7.impl.Scene7EndpointsManagerImpl 'threadPool' is null.


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Has anyone ever had the following being logged by AEM and knows how to fix it?

*ERROR* [Thread-18] com.day.cq.dam.scene7.impl.Scene7EndpointsManagerImpl 'threadPool' is null.

I could not find the reason for that

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I cannot find any information on this issue internally, please open a support ticket for deeper investigation if it is having an affect on your system




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Did you find any solution on this from support team? I am getting this error in my dev environment and surely will file a day support ticket, before that i was trying to check out if i get any pointer , solution from blogs here on this site.


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We have not got any update on that issue.

As we did not use any of the scene7 functionality and no changes were made in our code that could have caused that we decided to ignored it for now.