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TMP folder is full


Level 3



I encountered a problem in that the temporary folder tmp is filled with temporary files but is not cleared automatically. The folder size is 20 gigabytes and these files fill all the space, this prevents the publication of content on publish nodes.


Files have names like this:



What could be the reason?


Thank you in advance.

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Level 3

Hi @aliaksandr_hvoz ,


This usually happens when your application is creating these temp files, but you have not taken care of removing these files yourself. AEM takes care of the OOTB functionality and clears off the tmp files thus created. But if you are creating these files in your implementation, then you have to clear the same by yourself. It could be generation of custom email template, creating a JSON file for posting it to 3rd party APIs. Can you check if any such code exists in your implementation?


-Vikas Chaudhary


Level 3

These files were deleted automatically, but after January 1st this no longer happens.



@aliaksandr_hvoz were you able to sort this up? 

Kautuk Sahni