Flush the asset in cache.








Hi Team,

Here is one point where i stuck, I am looking for starting point and how to achieve it. Hope you will guide my with this issue by providing step by step instruction to achieve it.

Issue : Dispatcher flush made a flush request for the original asset path.

Let me explain it in brief.

Scenario : I need to create a version of asset and that should cache properly so that user can access it faster.

Another thing that is important here is we have a unique secure URL generated called Unique Asset URL, that is generated by UUID generator. These URL are caching as of now on webserver.

So issue here is:

Dispatcher is sending flush request for original asset path not for the GUID URLs.

Scenario :

1. Suppose i have uploaded an asset on DAM - Test1.jpg.

2. This image have the metadata field called Unique Asset URL and it's value is : /assets/746904ce-2463-48ef-93d6-c0cf925a9a92.jpg

3. Now on publishing the asset it stored at docroot, under assets folder.

4. So on publishing this asset you can access this assets without login by using the Unique Asset URL url.

5. Now we are creating version of this assets. V2.0 of Test1.jpg

6. Unique Asset URL will be the same for versioned asset as above.

7. Now when we publish the asset it will first flush the asset and here problem is it will send flush request for original asset path not for GUID.

8. So now after creating version of asset now when we again hit Unique Asset URL , it is stilling pointing to old asset. That's the trouble.

We need your guidance here ...

How can we send the Unique Asset URL flush request on creating version of asset ?

Goal is as soon as the asset publish , it should find it's unique asset URL and send disptacher flush request.

Please help.