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Dynamic Media Scene7 vs Hybrid Mode


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Can anyone explain the differences between Dynamic Media Scene7 and Hybrid Mode?

I am working on an AEM 6.4 implementation with dynamic media and am looking to take advantage of the new 6.4 Smart Cropping functionality, but it only seems to work in Scene7 mode. All my other implementations have used hybrid mode.

Can anyone explain?



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We have asked the team to look here.


  • - Dynamic Media Hybrid (DMHybrid) - refers to the architecture whereby the image server is embedded in AEM and images are hybrid-published via replication agent.
  • Dynamic Media S7 (DMS7) - refers to the new architecture where S7 features are accessible within AEM UI, but referencing assets remotely managed and delivered by S7. All asset processing, renditions, automation and delivery are handled by S7.


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What are the considerations to take in using one over the other?

Is there documentation that outlines the pros and cons?