Associating training manuals and the images contained in them



Such a basic problem.  I am a Business Analyst trying to gather requirements from our Training department in preparation to migrate them to AEM.  All internal people who know AEM are busy.  No one to help a lonely BA.  My clients (the Training Content developers) want to know how they will use AEM to store their Training Manuals and e-course source files as well as the images, video, etc that are used in these training assets.  I am trying to research the answer and am overwhelmed by too-technical info.

So, what feature of AEM will allow Training Content developers to see a list of digital assets (images, graphics, video,etc) that are incorporated into a given Training Manual or e-course?  Conversely, what AEM feature will allow them to list all of the Training manuals or e-courses that use a given digital asset?  Any help will be much appreciated.