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Hi all,


In the AEM Assets documentation it is written that a new asset can be created with the following POST request:

POST /api/assets/myFolder/* -F"name=myAsset.png" -F"file=@myPicture.png"


Could you please provide more information on what is expected as a value for file property? I have tried uploading it with a path to the image, but every time I try to create an asset I end up creating a new folder.


What is the correct way to upload an asset via HTTP API?


All the best!

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Hi There,


How are you firing your POST? Using curl? Postman?


It is necessary to have a folder pre-existing where you want to upload an image.


For example I use following command from curl console and it works:

curl http://localhost:4502/api/assets/my-image123.jpeg -H"Content-Type: image/jpeg" --upload-file "preview_Monitor_template.psd" -v --user admin


Try --upload-file to pass binary file.