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Hello all,

I am quite new to the Adobe world and trying to understand one of my client's requirement, where they want to integrate AEM DAM with Bridge. While; I researched over the net and came to the below comparison. Also, I understand that bridge is more specialized for graphics and visual users as compared to a general DAM user.  Please advise


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




AEM DAM is enterprise level scalable DAM system and Bridge is just a desktop one for local repository. Assets is a digital asset management tool that is fully integrated with the AEM platform and enables your enterprise to share and distribute digital assets. Users across an organization can manage, store, and access images, videos, documents, audio clips, and rich media such as Flash files for use on the web, in print, and for digital distribution. Assets provides enterprise-wide sharing and distribution of an organization’s key digital assets. Users across an organization can store, manage, and access digital assets such as images, graphics, audio, video, and documents through a Web interface (or a CIFS or WebDAV folder). Completely integrated into AEM, AEM Assets lets you do the following: Add and share images, documents, audio files, and video files in a variety of file formats. Manage assets by grouping them by tags, lightboxes, or stars (your favorites). Add annotations to assets. Find assets by searching file names, the full text of documents, and by searching dates, document type, and tags. Add or edit metadata information for assets. Metadata is automatically versioned together with the corresponding asset. You can import or export asset metadata. Perform image editing functions such as scaling and adding image filters. Import and export multiple digital assets simultaneously using a WebDAV or CIFS folder. Use workflows and notifications to allow joint processing and downloading of any set of assets and manage access rights to assets. With AEM companion App you can integrate or work with lot of image editing products. more info Thanks