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AEM 6.4 asset renditions, is it safe to remove 140x100 rendition?


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By default DAM Update Asset  generate the following structure of renditions:


I have verified our request log, where I could see all renditions except 140x100 are used on authoring instance.

Is it safe to remove 140x100 rendition? Is it used by default AEM components? Is it safe to remove that rendition if we use only Touch UI?

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Image renditions can be modified as per project need but the rendition 100*140 will be default for content finder thumbnail

The out of the box default image content finder has two views. Namely,

  • Masaic View:-  Uses the rendition 100*140
  • List View:-  Uses 48*48 rendition

The code is available in below file



CQ.wcm.ContentFinderTab.THUMBS_URL = function(values, width, height) {

    width = (width ? width : 100);

    height = (height ? height : 140);


    //update thumbnail reference for sets

    if(values.mimeType.indexOf('Multipart/Related') == 0) {

values.path += '.folderthumbnail.jpg';



    // encode path not in externalize - otherwise "#" in asset name or path is not encoded

    var externalized = CQ.HTTP.externalize(CQ.shared.XSS.getXSSValue(


    externalized += ".thumb." + width + "." + height + (values.ck ? "." + values.ck : "")

            + ".png";

    return CQ.shared.HTTP.getXhrHookedURL(externalized);




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Hello Vari,

As far as I know code provided by you is extJS code that is used only by classic UI.

As I could see 319x319 rendition is used in content finder for Touch UI: