Improve Speed of Omniture interface



there is no denying that the Omniture interface is quite slow to use sometimes (version 14). Login is slow orr switching report suites takes forever. I can find hundreds of tweets about it of people complaning about speed issues.


Pages can take up to 30 seconds to 2 minutes to load


I would suggest Omniture to really investigate and work on making the interface as quick as possible compared to other products like Google Analytics.



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Are there particular reports that take longer than others? If reports are literally taking two minutes, this should probably be addressed as a support issue with the ClientCare team, rather than as a feature request. In other words, you are probably justified in expecting better results, but this might be available sooner than a future release of the product.


(The reason I ask about the particular reports that are taking longer is that the kinds of reports that typically take longer are, as you might imagine, more advanced.)


Omniture has taken tremendous strides to ensure that reporting is as quick and agile as possible, and we will continue to do so.






Setting status to "Under Review." This is a constant area of focus for Omniture.



thanks, but here it is not even reports, it's logging in, accessing the home screens.


By the way I'm located in France and it's using both my corporate network and home DSL connection.


I don't notice any slow down on other websites I'm using.



It makes sense that large reports take a wile to generate, allthough everything usually works fine until about 14:00/15:00 CET.. From that moment (the time the USA, Canada and other countries "at the other side" wake up), speed drops fast and the number of time outs increase rapidly. I've suggested several times (via ClientCare, summits and our account manager) to hire/buy some serverspace in Europe (and/or perhaps Asia). This might solve a lot of performance issues and makes live easier 🙂



indeed! now that you mention it: Most speed issues I'm experiencing happen after 2PM.



I've noticed (especially lately) that clicking "Add Metrics" can take up to 30 seconds to load....



Does the browser really make a difference or am I imagining it? SiteCatalyst seems to work considerably faster in Webkit-based browsers like Chrome and Apple's Safari than it ever did in IE.


Eric, have you added any new custom or calc metrics that might be slowing things down? Here in London I'm not seeing the same problem, but we do get a slight performance slow-down in the afternoons.



I'm happy that others brought this up, too! We have the same, espacially in the US. I'm always told to log all slow times or time-outs. Many of them were and are experienced by my users. So it is even more difficult to get the logs. Even if we have some logs we never see any follow up and the issue still exists. Sometimes we get explanations that it is because of big reports but at other times these reports are still loading sufficiently. I can confirm that most of the issues happen when the US is awake and this also fits to the picture that the US experinces more problems than in Europe.





This is an ongoing effort, but our numbers and the feedback we've received from customers tells us that performance in the UI has improved dramatically over the past 12-18 months in SC 15 due to significant effort on our development team's part. (I know this idea was submitted regarding SC 14, but hopefully you've all upgraded by now, or will soon. Our future efforts will be focused on improving SC 15.) So, while we will continue to monitor and improve the speed of the UI, I am marking this as "Implemented" since we did take this suggestion and spend a lot of time and effort improving the situation.