enable beep for new messages in CC chat if window is not focused



It happens sometimes that the Clientcare chat window gets to the background and you forget about it since you were reading an email. Would be great to enable a beep (optionally) if there is a new message and the window does not have the focus.

I know that is not Omniture software, but maybe you could enter this into the Idea Exchange from RightNow Tech. Smiley Wink

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I am told that this does work for IE users, but not for Firefox/Safari/Chrome users. We did, in fact, submit an idea on the chat vendor's "Idea Exchange," and will follow up as appropriate. Since this is not something that Omniture Product Management has complete control over, I am marking this as "Reviewed" for now.



There are several ways to get it working for all major browsers:



This "beep" was working loong time ago, so I was wondering why this useful feature was removed.



I wonder how many chat tickets are opened and then abandoned because the end user forgot they had a chat window open in the background.



Many of us have multipple browsers/applications open due to the nature of the multitasking way in which we operate. For me this means that sometimes I start a live chat with one of the support team at Omniture and get side tracked and then forget to check for updated comments. When I check again the operator has disconnected as I have not entered a comment for x minutes. Enabling a simple sound to be played when a message is added by live support will mean that the number of 'disconnections' decreases considerably and chats will be completed more frequently rather than having to restart.



I posted a similar suggestion (thanks andreasdierl!), but mine was to have the window icon blink when a response has been posted (my suggestion here: http://ideas.omniture.com/t5/ideas/v1/ideapage/blog-id/IdeaExchange3/article-id/3065/comment-id/3076).


Personally I do not wear headphones and do not have sound turned on. I work in a very open workspace near my coworkers and having speakers on is considered annoying at best. But, sound would be better than nothing. And this is not a feature currently enabled in IE, which is what I use.


I agree with ryannJ and JamesT completely.



I often leave ClientCare hanging because the chat window is behind another window.  It would be great to have sound notifications when the support person has messaged me.  Better for everyone, and hopefully will reduce wait times!



I agree with jl_detroit. I don't use headphones nor have sound on, so a blinking window would be  better for me.