Ability to see last login date per user in the Admin Console

maxb16140764 11-05-2018

We have policies in our company that inactive users should be removed from the system after 6 months. However, although we manage all of our users for Analytics, Target, Dataworkbench and Campaign via the Experience Cloud Admin Console, I am unable to see when users last logged in.

I would like the "last login timestamp" to be added to the User Export csv report.

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shannond3180780 19-09-2018

How about Adobe add "last login date" field to the Admin's console user view?   Then when renewal time comes you can see who is using and who is not.   Adobe?

aablank 03-10-2018

Just to clarify, this would be the last login date for Analytics and not for general Experience Cloud logins including other Adobe tools.  Similar to the legacy interface.

aliskink2 17-10-2018

A lot of features from the legacy analytics login have been lost - Last Login Date, Created Date and a Notes field would all be extremely helpful to allow us to manage users better.

David-123 10-10-2019

Hopefully bumping this thread up a little. Having had to do this today it is a real pain not having all the information in one place.

Community Manager

Continuing to vote up the idea is the best way to ensure this receives priority from our product teams. Thank you for your valuable feedback.


We heard you loud and clear on the last login time stamping. Please continue to vote this up. In the meantime please have your CSM reach out to me on serious request for a need for this. There may be solutions we can offer.


Kerry Nelson

ShaijithKB 22-02-2020

Hi all, still no remedies for simple last login field ? 



We just rolled out a new Admin Tool to show user information in the Experience Cloud (including last login) 

More info here: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/Adobe-Experience-Cloud-Questions/Introducing-the-Ex...