need help - How to use Core Services Audience with Target?



I want to server personalized content through Target based on data served by a 3rd party DMP. I am going to leave out a lot of unnecessary details, but basically I will be importing the custom data into Audience and Profiles as a CSV file, and using that data in Target. I started putting together a small POC and need some assistance.

I created a csv file with the following 3 columns: ID, v1, v2. the ID contains my MID, v1 and v2 are just generic variables with generic parameters.

In Audience and Profiles - I created a Customer Attribute and imported the CSV file. It matched my ID. the 2 other parameters were mapped to Target in the "Configure Subscriptions" option. and its active.

In Target - I created a test Audience, with a Visitor Profile condition v1 parameter is present.

I created an activity, pointing to that audience, telling the page to do something.................and it didnt work. I waited 12 hours, in hopes that maybe it needs some reconciliation time.....still doesnt work.


What am i doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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When using Customer Attributes, you'll want your CSV file to match against a declared ID, not the Marketing Cloud ID (mid). This declared ID is also called an Alias ID. More can be read about this ID in this article. Keying off the declared ID rather than the MID allows you to give the same user the same experience across multiple devices. This is also the reason the AuthState is needed (see below).

Additionally, a common issue I see with customers trying to use Customer Attributes in Target is the AuthState. In order for Target to use Customer Attributes, each page must fire the setCustomerID function with the AuthState set to 1 or authenticated. You can read a bit more about AuthState and Customer Attributes here.


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