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Subject Analysis


Level 1


I would like analyse results obtained depending on subjects and preheaders used,

Analyze it using delivery is not a good option for me, because could exist different deliveries that have been using same subject, for instance, and it would need checking delivery and subject "each time" on other tool (is not a direct view);  so I would prefer can use subject. as a dimension.

Is possible add dimensions in order to use Subjects as a Dimension?

on the other hand, is possible classify subjects taking account their length or main "keywords" used?

thank you in advance,

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Level 4

I don't think Subject Dimension is available in ACS.


Level 1

Yes, I think so.

On ACS reporting suite currently I don't see subject as dimension.

But, there are any option for adding dimensions or any way to analyze subjects?

I think that is an important key on results, so we expect learn about which worked best on the past in order to optimize.

thank you