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We are excited to introduce our latest innovation to enhance the Adobe Campaign user experience — the Adobe Campaign v8 Web User Interface!

[Release Update] Release 21.3 - September 2021



Release 21.3 - September 2021 Release

Environment updates happen in waves, during the indicated timeframes below. Exact dates are communicated by email to each customer.

Detailed information about this release are available in the Release Notes


Environment Dates
Stage September 7-8, 2021
Production September 14-21, 2021


What’s new?

  • Unified Experience Cloud interface - Adobe Campaign header bar has been changed to unify and improve your experience across all Experience Cloud products and services. 
  • Audit Trail - The new Audit Trail capability captures, in real-time, a comprehensive list of actions and events occurring within Adobe Campaign.
  • Workflow diagnostic mode - You can now run Campaign workflows in diagnostic mode. This mode logs information to help troubleshooting execution issues. 


Check out the What's New section in detail along with Security improvements, Other Improvements, Patches and Fixes that are part of this release here: Release 21.3 - September 2021


If you have any further questions, please feel free to post them in the below comment section.

Sukrity Wadhwa
7 Replies


Level 1

Hi Sukrity,


Your newest release 21.3. makes it really difficult for us to handle recurring deliveries in combination with AEM. Validation in AEM is now mandatory. This is absolutely not practical for us since we send many recurring newsletters every day which we don't want to validate every time. Also: When we do subsequent changes in Campaign the corresponding workflow fails, because it wants to validate the AEM-Mail again.


How can we deactivate this new feature in Campaign?


Regards, Michael

Dear @Sukrity_Wadhwa

it would be really great to get an answer soon.






Hi @Michael_Reitberger,


I have shared the same with our Product team and they will get back to you soon.



Sukrity Wadhwa

Hi @Sukrity_Wadhwa ,


unfortunately no answer from your team 'til now. We already lost a couple of thousand dollars because of this new "feature". 


Any suggestions/tips could be helpful how we can deactivate the mandatory AEM-Validation.





Level 1



After the 21.3 release, we are having issues with dynamic content in the Email Designer. When creating dynamic content in an email using the Email Designer, the different content versions is not visible in the left panel, and the user interface freezes (no response when for instance clicking on the icons for links, layers or structures in the left panel). I can save the email, and if I'm opening it in the legacy editor, then it seems possible to access and change the different dynamic content versions and edit their conditions. This makes no sense and does creating emails for us with personalized and dynamic content an extremely tedious task..

Creating/editing dynamic content in the Email Designer worked perfectly for us in 21.2.


Is there an easy way to fix this so that we don't need to use the legacy editor for dynamic content in emails?


Cheers, Martina



Hi @martinas5200630,


This was a certificate expiry issue, and was not related to the 21.3 release for Adobe Campaign Standard. This should be resolved now for you and everyone else who was facing this. 




Sukrity Wadhwa


Level 2

Hi Team, hi @Sukrity_Wadhwa 

changing the filtering options on "Profiles" is a disimprovement in our opinion.

I think it was already introduced some versions ago and then withdrawn.


No we don't have a free text search and combining several filtering criteria isn't possible anymore. As we have many custom field filters it's getting really worse.


Here's the initial post from @xavierv6303633 



Can you explain why it has been introduced again and revert it again?

Thanks, Thomas