Need Schema Diagram For Adobe Campaign Management



Hi Guys,

I am new comer for Adobe Campaign Management. I just started to exploring the ACM.

I am using the Neolane client to learn ACM. I just want to understand the ACM internal database/table structure, how exactly designed it.

I have product doc but it is more around UI and functional reference.         

It is very helpful to me/new beginner that any one provide the schema diagram for Adobe Campaign Management.

Please share me any material/document which explain the database stuff (schema,tables,data-dictionary,etc ....) then just forward me.

Thank's in advance,

Answers (8)

Answers (8)



Hi David,

This seems to be a great solution, but could you please brief on how can we connect to adobe campaign database from MS Visio to get the adobe data model visual representation?

Thanks in advance!




You guys can also reverse engineer by connecting your db to VISIO and it will give you a visual representation of the relationships between tables inc data types.