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Multilingual transactional message.


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Hi All,

In the documentation for ACS it is stated that it's possible to send a multilingual email .


Help bij Adobe Campaign | Configuring transactional messaging

However, when I create event transactional message, no multilingual email is created.

This is the configuration of the event:


This screenshot shows no multilingual email is created:


Did I miss anything?

Kind regards,


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I had the same question, here is the response from neolane support team :

"Unfortunately, multilanguage emails are not yet available for transactional emails.
If you only use a few languages, I encourage you to check our tutoring on "content block", which can help you customize the mail according to the language of the user"

This is a problem for us as we have minimum 6 languages to handle. Let's hope it will be taken into another update.


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It is working fine for me here following these steps:

  1. Create & Publish the new Event with adding the deisred field
  2. Open the transactional template
  3. Click on Pencil icon
  4. Go to section "Content"
  5. Click on button "Initialize content variant"

Then it will initialize the chosen language besides the "Default" variant which is automatically created.

Additional variants can be added via the "Content Variant" tiles.