Landing Page - URL and Dynamic Content



I have a couple of questions in regards to Landing Pages based on client needs.

Overview: Client is trying to build a Landing Page where they would essentially have a Country Code as part of the URL. They would promote the LP through the company website (their company website landing page is not hosted by Adobe) and their looking to do the following:

  1. Based on language preference/and Country Code that's part of their company website URL, it would dynamically populated by the corresponding LP.

          Note: The page has an option to select Spanish and the URL would change to: https://www.abc.com/mx/es_mx/my-abc-30 so the LP URL would           be: http://m.e.abc.com/lp/my-abc-30?country=MX
          (I honestly think I already know the answer is no or there would be a lot of HTML coding on their part to dynamically select the right Landing Page)  

Client then wants to take the country code that will be part of the LP URL, use that to update the Profile

  • 1) I don't think this is possible since I can't track LP URL's and
  • 2) I think I can only update the Recipients table where I have extended data (@cusCountry); but not the OOTB location table that's linked to it (@location/countryCode) - correct